VS2013: VB.Net Windows Form: Save textboxes to MSSQL Server 2012

in the following link I have a form with textboxes: I would need the easiset way to save it into MSSQL Server 2012, using Visual Studio 2013 with VB.Net forms. I don't know much abput database programming I have just heard that Entiuty Framework is the new thing. I am open to your solutions, just need a working code.

José PerezAsked:
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi Oscar;

I Like using the Entity Framework to do my database applications. The following is how to setup a Entity Data Model in your project. Please note that this video is using an older EF designer but the steps are basically the same, Entity Framework Database First. When you create the EF model you will have a choice of which version of EF you wish to use the current version 6, this part is not in the video because it is an older version they are using.

Once you have the database set up and loaded with some test data we can talk about how you wish to proceed.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Do you have an existing SQL Server database already created? If not do you have someone who you work with that can help you set up the database?
José PerezAuthor Commented:
I can create it. I am thinking to use the following:

database: ventas

The information to be inserted (btnSave) should be:

to tblProducts

to tblProvider
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José PerezAuthor Commented:
wow I think I wrongly typed my question... what I really needed is to update the MSSQL Server 2012 database with the xml file.
Should I create a new post with this change?

The xml file is described here:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
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