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using currency and % formats in excell formulas

I developped my models starting with excell 97

I have plenty of formulas in which I use : ... &text(cell reference;"#.##0,00 €").

This is a common  format in Belgium to show values in €-currency as e.g. 1.234.567,89 €

Recently, they sold my a new pc with windows 8 and  excell 2013 . In this version this doesn't work. The result is a kind of nonsens text, not even a value.

The same problem occurs with : ... &text(cell reference;"#.##0,00 %"), This is a common used format in Belgium to show values in €-currency as e.g. 12,34 %

Thx for your help
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This may just be the settings in your new install of Excel.

First, fix decimal seperator:
- In Excel, click File
- Click Options
- Click Advanced
- In "Editing options" uncheck "Use system separators"
- Change "Decimal separator" to a comma
- Change "Thousands separator" to a period

Your formula should then be: =TEXT(B9;"#.##0,00 €")

If B9 = "912548333"

the formula will display:  "912.548.333,00 €"

As an example.

I think from your post this is what you were trying to do.
Try to use this

=TEXT(B7,CONCATENATE("#.##0,00",CHAR(128))) in your formula
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You could also just change the regional settings in the Windows Control Panel so that they are set to Belgium.
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