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Installing MS Interop library for office

I downloaded the msi pack so I could use MS office (Word, Excel and Access) with Visual Basic Express. I see it in a folder but it is not in my reference library in VB. I even browsed to the folder but could not find and exe file.  How do I get it into my references?
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Fernando SotoRetired
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Did you execute the mis file by double clicking it?
Top Expert 2015
It does not show in the .NET references. Entries were made in the registry so that it is referenced automatically when you reference any of the Office applications.

Simply reference the application that you want to target in the COM references, and the interop will be automatically referenced.

Note that this is useless if you do not have the application itself installed on the development computer.


From what I read today I think that Visual Studio is what I need to be using. Please give me your feedback and advise on this if you could.
The program will ultimately be all web based requiring a user name and password in order to use application.
Ideally it produces documents specific to one industry. The end result is to have users to be able to print these documents only in PDF format, not allowing them to be able to view Excel, Access and Word working in the background.
From prompts in VB data goes into Excel workbook, creates and updates an Access DB and creates a Word doc for printing.
I hope I explained that clearly. I would just hate to put a lot of time into VB express when I should be using Studio or another product.
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In recent version of .NET, the different Express editions have been combined into Visual Studio Express. This includes not only Visual Basic, but also the tools for Web development as well as a few others.

In the last months, Microsoft even went a bit further by offering Visual Studio Community edition. This is the same as the Professional version, but free for individual programmers and small companies that do not have more than 5 programmers.

There is thus no need to stick with an older version of Visual Studio Express. If you have a few projects in the older version, they should migrate without problems to the newer versions. Just in case, keep your current version. You can install the newer versions in parallel without encountering any problem. I actually have Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 installed on my development computer.


Great!!!  Thank you so much.  I will download that this evening.  I am actually creating a map of what I want in the application now so that everything is organized when I begin building the application.  Thank you.
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