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Titles for messagebox buttons

Derek Brown
Derek Brown asked
I want to name the buttons on a standard messagebox form. The form that appears when you code, Msgbox "Do you want an icecream?". vbYes/No

Can this be done or do I have to create a form manually
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Sorry, you can't change it.  You can either create your own form or use an alternative message box addon.  If you're going for the latter, the two that I know are:

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I usually just create my own unique form for most situations.  

If you want one that is flexible enough that it will resize itself and give you the option of one or more buttons, with personalized captions, it involves a lot of coding.

I've not looked at either of the references that Ron mentions above.
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It's all here at EE:
Modern/Metro style message box and input box for Microsoft Access 2013

Browse to the paragraph: Localized captions

The download contains all the details, like:
' First and last Enum ButtonCaption.
Private Const FirstCaptionId    As Long = 800
Private Const LastCaptionId     As Long = 810

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Pretty snazzy, Gustav.  I wish you could make it work with older versions of Access.  I'd be all over this at work.  :-)

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Thanks Ron.

It seems to run under Win 7 / Access 2010, but the upper corners are rounded.



Disappointing news but obviously correct.

My thanks