DVD Stuck in WIndows 7 Laptop

I put a DVD into the DVD Player on my laptop that is running WIndows 7

It did not start the DVD player

I go to Computer->DVD/CD RW Drive, and it says to Insert a disk, so Windows does not think a disk is in the driver.

I hit the button on the DVD to Eject it.  It did not eject, but it did flash the  green light on the DVD once I lift my finger from the Eject button, but it does not eject the disk.

Then I went to CDomputer->DVD/CD RW driver,.  I performed a Rt click, and hit Eject.  At taht point it flashed the green light on the DVD driver, but did not eject.

How can I resolve this

Anthony LuciaAsked:
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
note that this can be a sign of a dead drive, or a bad DVD - so test it out with a working DVD
Leo AlexanderCommented:
There should be a tiny pin-hole next to the eject button. Push a paperclip in there, as this is the "manual override" to eject/open the drive.
If it is a "slot" style drive, try booting while holding the Fn Del buttons down.
Might take a few tries.
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Anthony LuciaAuthor Commented:
I see CTL, Alt, Del, and Windows button, I also see F1 through F12

But what exactly is Fn, when you say FN Del  ?

Fn is the Function Key, on the laptop keyboard. It's sort of like another Control Key.
On my Toshiba, it's on the bottom left, between the Control and Windows keys.
Other laptops put them different places.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you can't use the eject button and Windows won't eject, you'll have to do it manually as smarturtle suggests - reference http://www.geeksinphoenix.com/blog/images/Eject_03.jpg for an image of what he's talking about.
Thank you much.     : )
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