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msaccess security help

dhenderson12 asked
I have a msaccess database (.mdb) file.  it is located on a network share.  The shortcut only points to the mdb, NOT to a workgroup file, yet the users are prompted  to login with username and password.  This is an old system that was migrated to Access 2013 (most likely not correctly).  I need to add users but have no idea what workgroup file this database is pointing to.  I looked in the SysWOW64 and System32 folders for System.mdw, but no luck.  Any help greatly appreciated.
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Are you sure this is the built in Access security?  Could it be application defined security?   Can you open the database while holding down the shift key without being prompted?  If so, check the code that is running in the start up form.
Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )Infotrakker Software
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Can you show us a screenshot of the prompt they're getting?

ULS worked by using a Workgroup file (a .mdw file) that is associated with a specific "session" of Access. One or more databases could be secured with that workgroup file. So you basically open Access, then open a "session" using the current workgroup, and then open the database.

If you are NOT using a shortcut to open the database, then the only way to change from the default workgroup is for that machine's copy of Access to have been "joined" to the non-default workgroup. You can do that several ways, but the most common was through the menu commands in older versions of Access.

To determine if you're dealing with ULS or some other form of security, try opening Access on one of the machines that is having the issues. If you can open Access, try opening another database. If you do NOT get the prompt to login, then I'm betting you are NOT dealing with ULS, and instead are dealing with some form of custom user login.

But a screen shot would tell us much more about the situation.