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Hyper-V Disk Partitioning Question

JohnnyD74 asked
Hello Folks,

If I am setting up Hyper-V on a RAID 10 array on a HP DL 380p server, is it better to use the HP storage administrator tool to create SEPERATE VOLUMES for the OS and Virtual Disks or is it just as well to use windows to create SEPERATE PARTITIONS for the OS and virtual disks? Would one approach would offer better performance?


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Sr. Systems Administrator
HP storage administrator manages the RAID arrays; it doesn't manage the volumes or file systems on the arrays itself
use that to create your RAID array (virtual disk) then create your partition(s) in disk management


Hello Seth,

Thank you for answering my question but I did in fact partition my array with the storage manager. It asks how large to make the array and I choose a smaller size...thereby allowing me to create a 2nd volume. Thank you for your feedback though...I appreciate it.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

so you used HP storage manager to create a volume, assign a drive letter and formatted a file system on it?
can you post a screenshot of that?  maybe something new i have not seen yet?  i can't find anything like that in the documentation


Hi Seth, I took a closer look at things and I stand corrected. What I created was a 2nd array with an SSD on an HP host for the boot volume and it looked like an array that was split up into two volumes in Windows disk management. I had a memory of making two volumes from one array but that must have been from another experience. I will partition as you suggest. Thanks!