Moving a Hyper-V cluster to a new AD Domain

Company A and Company B are Merging. Company A has better ICT infrastructure and so will use this environment to help setup a new domain for both company A and company B

Company A - environment
2 x 2012 Hyper-V Manager hosts (5 x VM's on each) attached to HP SAN storage and running failover cluster management.

Idea (very much simplified):
1. Create a new VM DC (and domain) within the current Cluster
2. Import all users into AD from Company A/B
3. move all VM's into new Domain

There are a ton of other things to take note of but I am thinking this solution may not be viable as the both the 2012 hosts are on the Company A  domain currently.

Did some investigating and did find this and looks like could be a better way to proceed but we only have 1 cluster and need to have a new DC (domain) to be running somewhere. 

Just after suggestions from any experts that may have done this in the past.
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You cannot migrate failover cluster from one domain to another

The better approach could be:
Backup all VM configuration and VHDX for safety

Move all VMs to one node (node A to node B)
Then remove node A from cluster and domain
Build new domain (DC) may be outside this TWO nodes
Join above node A to new domain and built one node hyper-v failover cluster

Now on node B shutdown all VMs, remove CSV volume from cluster
delete failover cluster
Disjoin node B from source domain and add to target domain
Add this server to new failover cluster created above
Add same storage above as CSV volume again

Start VMs again

This will be accomplished with some downtime
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Truthfully, that process seems overly complex. Unless you have no free storage, I'd live migrate the VMs from the old cluster into a new one. Draining anode, evicting it, and standing up a new cluster on that node should allow for this with minimal effort.
oiaadminAuthor Commented:
Hi Cliff,

thanks for that, we only have 300GB left in storage on the current cluster  so would love to proceed that way as its simple but storage is an issue. Thanks for your input.
oiaadminAuthor Commented:
Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for the feedback, your suggestion sounds like the way to go but time constraints are forcing us to change our plan completely initially for phase 1 and during phase 2 will look to implement what you have suggested and for that reason have awarded your most of the points
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