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Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) for use on an offline network.

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Can Windows Server Update Services be installed on a laptop and then that laptop connected to an offline (no internet conection) network to update all servers on that network?
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Yes, You can use laptop as WSUS sever.
But You should have Windows Server OS installed on laptop.
Then you should create GPO with settings that point your laptop as WSUS server for group of servers. You must sometime connect your laptop to internet to synchronize WSUS with Microsoft Update.
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Yes you can use a laptop or a computer running windows server operating system as a WSUS update server. After installing the WSUS server you should select which language packs you will distribute through your update server, otherwise your WSUS database will be to large. You should follow the Microsoft patch releases and update your databases regularly either by connecting your WSUS server to internet or downloading WSUS databases and updating your server with that data.  Also you should direct your servers to be updated to your WSUS server either by a GPO or by setting the update server parameter manually.

Here are some links that you can check about WSUS installation. probably you had checked

systechSenior Technical Lead


"that laptop connected to an offline (no internet conection) network to update all servers on that network?"

WSUS don't work without internet It must required an Internet connection to download the updates from microsoft server, once it is downloaded (Syncronization) then it distribute the content files to client machines (it can be set via GPO's).
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

Can Windows Server Update Services be installed on a laptop...

as was mentioned, you need a server OS for WSUS role - but why would you even want to on a notebook?

your previous question - which basically asked the same thing - your accepted solution stated WSUS is not an option and a 3rd party tool for offline updates was suggested
did that not work?



Seth Simmons,

As stated in my previous question a microsoft solution would be preferable, but as discused WSUS does not have an offline mode, but installing WSUS on laptop and walking it over to the offline network will work as this question has suggested.

As i write earlier, You can use laptop. You must have Windows server OS install on the laptop and WSUS role.
Then you can use GPO to set your laptop as wsus server for server group. Your wsus laptop must be connect  to internet to synchronize WSUS with Windows Update.