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OWA SBS 2011 HTTP 500 error

Tore Jacobsen
Tore Jacobsen asked
Have a SBS 2011 that I no longer can Connect Outlook over http to.
Found that we also could not Connect to https://domain.com/owa
We could Connect to https://domain.com/remote and than click on mail, that took us to /owa.
But not directly to OWA, that would only show a blank page, no error.

Changed Authentication from formed based to to basic (tried With and without Integrated Windows Auth)
Ran IISreset and now we can Access OWA.

But still not able to Connect Outlook 2013 over http.
testexchangeconnectivity.com gave the error "Exchange ActiveSync Returned an HTTP 500 Error"

(Mobile sync Works fine.. And now also OWA again.)

Any ideas?
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You said mobile sync is working and you have mentioned "Exchange ActiveSync Returned an HTTP 500 Error".

You mean OA is not working correct?
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstrator


Testexchangeconnecttivity.com returned the error above.
OA is not working.
OWA and OMA is working fine. Weird
System adminstrator
Stranges thing..
Was missing cname pointer autodiscover.domain.com so have been setting OA With manual server settings.
Have worked fine.
Made a autodiscover pointer now, got some questions regarding SSL certificate and allowing the server to make changes etc. (autidiscover is not part of the ssl certificate name)

And now it Works fine.
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstrator


found the solution