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Blackberry mail information user state is 'Failed to start'

Have on blackberry users on the network using BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP4.
Account was working fine but we move his mailbox to another datastore on Saturday thinking there would be no
impact, but it seems not that this has caused an issue with non-delivery of mail.

I look in the component info' section and the mail iinfo user state is in 'failed to start'. Do I have to resync this user?
Or can I just restart the service?  I have no real experience with BES.
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Restarting the BES Services should be all that you need to do. That will force the BES to refresh.

There is a script on this web page that will do the job for you:


I was recomended by blackberry to restart the dispatcher service and then the Controller service.
However that didn't fix the issue, futher research led me to a permissions error for the BesAdmin account on the datastore.
So I had to run this command from the exchange shell.

Get-MailboxDatabase "MailBoxDatabase Name" | add-adpermission -User "BesAdmin" -AccessRights extendedright -ExtendedRights receive-as,ms-exch-store-admin

Then restarted the services above and this solved the issue.  

I'm amazed this info is not on the BlackBerry site.
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Blackberry permissions are at the database level as well as user and org level. If you create a new database then you need to reapply the permissions. It is on the site, but as part of the setup instructions for BES.



MY solution was the full and final solution that resolved this issue.