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Contacts Naming Policy - Exchange 2010

systemagic asked
Good Afternoon,

I have a client who has Exchange 2010 on their server.

They have an issue with only one contact on the server.

For example...

I'm sat at Emily Basford's desk and I want to send an email to Chris Sweet. I start typing 'Chris' in the 'To' section for it to auto-complete but nothing happens. However if I start typing 'Sweet', auto-complete drops down showing me 'Sweet Chris <CSweet@>'

Say I move to another desk and try again, the same thing happens.

I've deleted the entry from auto-completes and tried to re-add it from the address book and the same thing happens.

The address book shows it as 'Chris Sweet' and I've logged on to the server to have a look at the user but I can't see anything that could be changing it to 'Sweet Chris'.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,
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You have two things in Exchange for the control of how the name appears, the display name and the simple display name. I would check both.
You could also look at the object in ADSIEDIT, to see if something different is shown there.

I would also look at the GAL through OWA, which shows live information to see how it is being shown.

If the information is different, then it could be an OAB issue.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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I am assuming this only happens for this particular users or just a few, and not every user? Auto Complete does not search based on First Name or Last Name. AutoComplete will check the following Exchange Attributes...
- DisplayName
- Primary SMTP
- Alias (Exchange)
- LegacyExchangeDN (Active Directory)

I would be checking those locations first to see if the last name is being presented first.



Hi Both,

Thanks for this.

I've checked DisplayName, Primary SMTP, Alias, LegacyExchangeDN, ASDIEdit and OWA and it's all showing as Chris Sweet or CSweet@.

The only thing I could see was in the Attribute Editor:

msExchUMDtmfMap: email address; lastNamefirstName; firstNamelastName

If that makes any difference?

Kind Regards,
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That is a unified communications setting, so would have nothing to do with this.
Has it ever been the incorrect format?

If you take a new user account, login to a fresh build of Windows/Office, does the same thing happen?



It may well have been. We haven't log taken over the server so it may have been created incorrectly first and then manually changed.

New user accounts are fine. They show as First Name, Last Name.

Kind regards,


After about 2 hours, adding the Simple Name display in, this is all working.

Thanks for your help.