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Local Network Share User

We have a workgroup server acting as a file share server.  We recently are beginning to migrate all the servers to Windows Domain,  Once I joined the file server to the company domain, the local users weren't able to reconnect to their mapped drive.  

By inheriting the GPO is the server blocking the ability to gain access to users with local credentials? I put switched the server back to workgroup and everyone is able to access the network resources again.

DC = Windows 2008 R2
File Server = Windows 2008 R2

Any ideas?
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Senior Technical Lead

Domain resource can't be accessed from workgroup machines due to security reason. What you can try is add the share permission (I.e - Everyone -full control). Also, try to access \\servername\sharename. It may prompt to enter password, you can use one of the domain user account to access the share.

My personal suggestion would be add the machine into domain and create domain user accounts and give it to the users to login.


Also the question is, after GPO is applied, does the less complex password still work?
systechSenior Technical Lead


You can set the password complexity via group policy. I.e - Edit the Default Domain policy (Gpmc.msc)>>Computer Configuration>>Windows Settings>>Security Settings>>Account Policies>>Password policy. You can set the appropriate password policies here. I.e - "Password must meet complexity requirements",  "Store passwords using reversible encryption", "minimum password age", "Minimum password length" etc..

Hope it helps!
NVITEnd-user support
With the server joined, have you tried recreating the mapped drive? i.e.:
net use z: /delete /y
net use z: \\server\share /persistent:y

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NVITEnd-user support

Thanks for the update, dparekh79. I hope it worked out for you.