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Outlook 2007 From: name spontaneously changed

Mark asked
I have a user who sent me a message at 10:45am on Friday:

From mpress@ohprs.org  Fri Feb 27 10:45:43 2015
From: "Mike Press" <mpress@ohprs.org>
To: "'Mark Foley'" <mfoley@novatec-inc.com>

That same user sent me a message from the same workstation at 6:33AM today:

From mpress@ohprs.org  Mon Mar  2 06:33:37 2015
Content-Type: text/plain;
Subject: Re: Getting Calendars on iPhone
From: OHPRS <mpress@ohprs.org>

All of a sudden, his name in his From: address has been changed from "Mike Press" to "OHPRS". Why?

Another user, same thing:

Today at 8:25AM

From dsmith@ohprs.org  Mon Mar  2 08:25:28 2015
From: "Dennis Smith" <dsmith@ohprs.org>
To: "'Mark Foley'" <mfoley@novatec-inc.com>

Today at 8:29AM

From dsmith@ohprs.org  Mon Mar  2 08:29:09 2015
From: HPRS <dsmith@ohprs.org>
Content-Type: text/plain;
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2015 08:28:45 -0500
To: Mark Foley <mfoley@novatec-inc.com>

These are IMAP accounts running on Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. Only these two have had this happen. All other users in the office have their usual name in emails. I've checked the Outlook account and their actual name is listed. I've even deleted and recreated the 2nd user's account.

OHPRS is the first part of the public domain name: ohprs.org. Otherwise, I don't know where that would be coming from. It's not the name of the AD domain.

What's going on?
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Have you checked in OWA? There is known issue with outlook 2007 and sometimes changes the sender address. to fix this issue, you need to update your outlook2007 with latest updates. This works for me.


Manoj Bojewar:
Have you checked in OWA
Not using OWA, using IMAP/Dovecot. But interesting you mention that. What both users have in common is that they added the IMAP email account to their iPhones. Do you have a link and/or description of the "known issues"? I'll check updates today.

I did mis-type, It's Outlook 2010 not 2007. Sorry. Still an issue?
Doh! I figured it out! Both these guys did enable their iPhones to get email, but apparent they both typed "OHPRS" into the 'name' field thinking that was the place for the account name. When I figured that out, I had them change their iPhone 'name' email name field to their own names and that was that!


Thanks for playing!