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Coldfusion upgrade question


I'm the admin of site running CF 9 with JRE 6.
I'm looking to upgrade CF/JRE mostly because I need to be able to connect to a web service that is not currently working. I've tried updating my Java cert but that didn't work. The vendor I'm trying to connect to has suggested I upgrade to the 'latest' version of both CF and JRE.

I know CF is up to 11 and JRE is up to 8, but I wanted to ask what the least painful upgrade would be. In other words, has the absolute latest version of CF and JRE changed so much that if I try to upgrade I will be hitting my head against the wall? If so, what is a good compromise -- CF 10?
Thanks to any and all opinions.

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well, i am not going into the deep thoughts, but upgrading is going to be a headache for you if you have many sites on your list

1. Many existing functions were broken in new er versions of CF, to fix those, they are applying patches
2. Many Existing an New Functions lost their Performance due to Update in JRE or CF. example is cfhttp tag

and lots more...

Good luck