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Looking for a NAS

I'm looking at purchasing a new NAS, but nothing really stands out to me. We have two Netgear ReadyNAS 1500's. They are nice, but we are constantly having to replace hard drives in them. Because of the hard drive issues, I am looking elsewhere for the new NAS. Does anyone have any recommendations on a NAS they like? My only requirements really are that it has to be rack mountable, and has to have a nice/intuitive web browser interface. If you've ever used a ReadyNAS by netgear, that's the kind of interface i'd like it to have. Preferably similar features as well. Thanks for any recommendations.
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I have seen the Seagate NAS boxes used before. The user interface looks good.

You can see some pictures of the interface here:


Slightly larger rack mounted model:


However, I cannot verify the robustness of the drives as i have not implemented them myself.
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If you have problems with the current NAS and hard-disks you need to replace all the time, then it is highly unlikely that the NAS is at fault. You should rather use disks that are built for NAS or RAID use, enterprise class disks or specific NAS-Class disks. You'll have to use such disks for any NAS, so also for a new NAS you'd have to get such disks. WD for example makes "RED" disks, and those are specifically designed to NAS use.

Besides that, Firmware upgrades can sometimes help with support for newer disks, so keeping the firmware of your NAS up-to-data is also a good thing to do.

On the netgear site there is a compatibility list which shows you which disks are compatible with your NAS, by the way....:

I have had failures with Buffalo and iomega storcentre before.

Buffalo were less than sympathetic.
Iomega replaced drives no issue.

Just to let you know. And yes as Rindi states - if its the drives that fail and not the unit then you could buy robust drives that are compatible with the until you desire.
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Most reputable manufacturers produce a decent NAS. What matter is on site support; check out LenovoEMC


Rindi, if it is not the NAS then it is the NAS manufacturer's fault. Who do you think gives us the drives for their NAS? I'm not going to spend extra buying my own drives to put in it when it is their responsibility as per our agreement.


Thank you Jersysam and madunix for your recommendations. Unfortunately, the question seems to have gone over rindi's head and as a result, offered an answer that was neither useful nor applicable to any part of the question.