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my OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and as i spend so much time on the pc, therefore it meant trying new or improved softwares.  I am thus trying to remove the clutter of the unwanted programs.  Since my OS is win 7, I notice that many of the programs that i have, also have a windows 8.1 version installed.  
Is it safe for me to remove all the windows 8.1 version of any software and retaining the win 7 version in my pc.  thank u for your advise.
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Personally what I'd suggest you do, if you always need to install stuff for trying things, is not to install it on your main PC or OS. I would rather install VirtualBox, and install a VM of Windows 7 and/or 8.1 inside that. Then run your test installations there. That way they won't clutter your main OS, and you can easily start from scratch again.

Uninstall anything you want on your main OS,
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
in response to rindi,  Thank u for your suggestion.  In fact that is what i have in mind, but as u know it is the budget that is holding me back, because as u know I have to get licenses for each VM I install.  But this is in my back of my mind.  thank u for confirming me the idea i have.
There is an evaluation version of Windows 8.1 Enterprise, and there at least also used to be one for Windows 7 Enterprise (although I don't know whether that is still there for download). Once the trial period has been used up you can open an elevated CMD prompt and use slmgr /rearm to get a 2nd trial period (at least for Windows 7). You can do that 3 times. You can also reinstall a new VM after the trial expires...

That way you don't necessarily have to use a payed license for your OS you are running as a VM.

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I've just checked, and Windows 7 is still available as evaluation. The 90 days isreached by using the slmgr command I posted above:
" Since my OS is win 7, I notice that many of the programs that i have, also have a windows 8.1 version installed.  
 Is it safe for me to remove all the windows 8.1 version of any software and retaining the win 7 version in my pc. "
Since you apparently see the two versions of the programs separately (I assume you mean in Control Panel|Programs and Features), you can Uninstall the 8.1 version without fear of corrupting the Win 7 version.

Though perhaps an answer is not necessary, but why are you downloading and installing the 8,1 version of programs in the first place?
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to Jcimarron, i only installed the win 7 versions of the softwares, but I have no clue how the win 8 version also got installed.  It was only by chance when I wanted to take inventory of the softwares that I have, and what i could safely remove, did I find these win 8 versions.  Thank u for your response.
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
thank u.
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