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Introducing Exchange 2013 to 2007 Environment

sarasotamac asked

Just want some feedback on a plan for fixing a storage  issue in our environment.

Currently, we have Exchange 2007sp3 installed, handling all of our mail flow. Two of the databases, are on an external eSata drive hanging off of the Exchange server (I inherited this setup). I don't feel comfortable with this setup, and so I want to move the databases to a real server with proper storage.

I am planning on creating a new VM (Hyper-V) Server 2012 and installing Exchange 2013 on it. Only installing the mailbox role, and moving the databases to it. Leaving the bulk of the Exchange roles and services on our current, 2007sp3 box. I have done Exchange upgrades and changes a few times, so I am fairly comfortable with this, however I wanted some feedback on my plan.

Anyone have any thoughts on this, or has anyone had a similar setup? Any issues?

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Should work fine. Just ensure the Exchange 2007 server is at the required patch level for E2013.
You will need to put both mailbox and the CAS role on to the machine for the clients to work correctly.
Otherwise it is a standard migration.

Do you have any public folders? That is one of the major sticking points.

For Exchange 2013, ensure that you are using the latest CU for the installation (7 at the time of writing). 6 has issues with coexistence.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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You need to have a minimum of SP3 RU 10 before you can introduce a 2013 server into your environment. I would also recommend using the Exchange Deployment Assistant to ensure all steps are correct and nothing missed.

Exchange Deployment Assistant

sarasotamacIT Manager


Thanks. No public folders, just three databases.
sarasotamacIT Manager


Thanks for the input.