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Outlook Calendar

timgreen7077 asked
Will outlook calendar appointments automatically adjust for daylight saving? So depending on your time zone will the appointment move forward or back as expected to adjust for the time change.
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check these Microsoft articles http://support.microsoft.com/gp/cp_dst
They give you information on how to prepare for DST
The appointment times will adjust if "automatically adjust for daylight savings is checked -

please review steps below  to ensure desktops are configured to adjust for daylight savings time.  

Three factors affect the scheduling of a meeting and appointment in Outlook:
◾The computer's clock setting (time).
◾The computer's local time zone setting.
◾The computer's daylight saving time adjustment setting.

Outlook time stamps the message request with the Greenwich Mean Time for the meeting. Outlook calculates Greenwich Mean Time by using the computer's clock time, plus or minus the local time zone adjustment, minus (depending upon the time of year) the daylight-saving time adjustment.

As soon as Outlook receives the meeting request it will calculate the meeting time for the recipient and schedule it on the calendar. If any of the three factors listed earlier are incorrect at that time, the meeting time will be incorrect. You cannot correct the time after the fact by correcting the factor in error; you must open the meeting request and manually correct the scheduled time.

There is no centralized process that Exchange Administrators can use to update the users calendar.

It is therefore highly recommended that .Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes. be selected.

To verify that you have "Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes" selected, do the following in Windows*:
1.Right click on the clock in the System Tray (bottom right of your screen)
2.Select Adjust Date/Time
3.Click on the Time Zone tab
4.Make sure Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes is checked

The same setting can also be adjusted in Outlook*:
1.Go to Tools > Options
2.In the Preferences tab click the Calendar Options button.
3.Click on Time Zone
4.Make sure Adjust for Daylight Savings Time is checked

*Note that changing the setting in Windows changes the setting in Outlook and vice versa.

I found the explanation online, but we always ensure our new computers are configured to adjust for DST when we roll them out.

Hope this is helpful