Excel Essbase Add-In Error

I have two clients that cannot connect to essbase via excel only when working remotely via the VPN. In the office inside the network they can connect with no issues. From home ive had them try connecting through a wifi, hotspot and sired. There appears to be something blocking the connection

Error code is 10060. Unable to connect to [server name] The client timed out waiting to connect to essbase agent using TCP/IP. Check your network connections. Also make sure server and port values are correct.

The users can access all other network resources and email is working fine from VPN.
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It could be a firewall blockage on the client port problem,
 Essbase server listen by default 1423 and essbase apps listen a port between 32768 and 33768 by default. It seems to me that your port 1423 is open but a firewall is blocking your connections to essbase apps. Make sure these ports are available 32768 to 33768
Lou1982Author Commented:
Our Network operations team had to make a change on the firewall. Thanks
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