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Add NLB to an Existing ADFS Farm

Citadelny asked

My environment consists of two ADFS servers (2012 R2) in a farm, and two web application proxy servers (also 2012 R2). The environment was set up without the forethought to configure Windows NLB prior to creating the AD FS farm. Everything is working fine, but I understand that without the use of NLB/HLB failover is a manual process.

What options do I have to add some sort of NLB or HLB into the mix?
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Typically when it comes to productions environments WNLB is not recommended and only used for lab environment/demonstrations. I would personally recommend a hardware load balancer (if there is funds available).

There are a lot of different HLB out there but the 3 that stand out are below...
Kemp Load Balancer

Anyone of these will be able to do the job. Each having there own specific instructions to configure ADFS accordingly.

Below is a link for F5 for ADFS.