iPad 4 crashes constantly. Bad battery?

I have had issues with my iPad 4 for a few months now and now it is to the point it crashes almost constantly in several different apps, app store, settings etc.

I have tried every combination of restoring, wiping clean, turn off all new features like location services, blue tooth, gestures etc.

My battery seems to work ok but one thing I wondered, is it possible for a bad batter to cause crashes on a iPad, could replacing the battery help?

By the way it acts it seems like it might be memory related, for awhile if I closed all apps out and reset it it would seem to stay up for a few hours before crashing. Now it crashes no matter what. I thought about replacing the RAM but it would appear that you cannot buy the memory sticks.

At this point I think it must be a hardware issue. I will try to roll it back if a jail break comes out and although the bulk of the problems started with the IOS 8 update it has gotten much worse the last month.

Any ideas? I guess I could take it to a Apple store but from what I have been told they don't really do that great a job telling you exactly what the issue is, I don't want to waste my money.
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Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Is your current iPad jail broken now?  I'm sorry if I misunderstood by rolling back to a jail break.

What apps are you trying to use that cause these crashes?  I still have the second generation iPad and have experienced app crashes myself, but usually its the app or combination of apps that cause issues with the iOS specifically.  That's not your fault or Apple's.  In regards to the specific apps, what have other users said about these apps and their performances with iOS8?  

tl;dr version is the apps you're trying to use don't like iOS8 :(

Let me know if you need anything else!

REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks for the reply. My iPad 4 has neve been jail broken. The only reason I was going to do it was to see if there is a problem with the newer IOS updates causing a issue.

At this point it crashes after just a few minutes of use on any app and even just in settings. For example I did a full erase and reset yesterday and in the process of looking at the settings it crashed, then it crashed when bringing up safari several times on different sites and it crashed when looking in the app store, then it crashed when trying to install a app. All this before anything in addition to the full reset had been installed. and By crash I mean full hard reset to the apple logo and some times I had to manually hard reset it a few times to get the IOS back up.

Really the way it is acting and how it has gotten much worse really makes me think there is a hardware issue.

It really frustrates me because I am not aware of a way to buy parts for replacement other than switches and the battery so if the CPU or RAM is bad or something I guess I am out of luck. Disappointing if that is the case since it is only about three years old. I would expect a $800 tablet to last longer than that.

If anyone has ideas how to handle hardware issues I am all ears.
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Do you recall the different experiences on iOS6, 7 and 8 during the time you have owned the iPad?  Did this crashing only happen when you were running iOS8, for example?  Could you try rolling it back to iOS7 to see if the same things happen?  

In my past experience with Apple's devices there have always been performance issues as the new iOS or OS comes out.  Sometimes Apple is nice and lets you know 'THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH YOUR CURRENT SYSTEM' and sometimes they neglect to bother with a notice like that.

If you are able to roll back to an earlier iOS let me know how that goes!

Good luck.

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REIUSAAuthor Commented:
It has had random crashes since I first bought it but it did not happen very often, nothing like it has since IOS 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 especially.

Unfortunately I updated to 8.1.3 as soon as it came out hoping they fixed what ever was crashing my iPad so I will have to wait for a 8.1.3 jail break in order to roll it back, at least that is how I understand it works.
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Yes, that is unfortunate.   If you really wanted to you could probably take it to Apple and buy a protection plan and they could diagnose, replace parts for you.  But a common result is spending more money to fix something that is outdated technology (in Apple's eyes) and you will be charged an arm and a leg when you could just buy their new iPad for close to equal cost of fixing your current iPad!  Its sad, but true.  I've been down that road before with their laptops.

All the best and if you have anything new keep me updated!

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Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Also, at this point, if buying a new iPad and/or having Apple try to fix it for you is NOT an option, you could look up videos on how to crack that iPad open and replace parts.  I'm sure parts are available on ebay or amazon. :)
REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice.
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
You're very welcome!
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