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Dell 2500 PERC 3/Di - No Boot Device Found

I have Dell 2500 hot swappable server. One drive went and I swapped. I had another person come in and say he needed to shut down server to complete build. He removed the drive and then rebooted server. He says he did not do anything. I show all drives there when I go to CTRL-A but the system beeps and gives the following:

- No SCSI boot device found
- SCSI BIOS not installed!
- No Boot Device available
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Poweroff and pull drive is what may have led to this issue.  You need to during boot up of the system get into the raid Controller (ctrl+r/ctrl+M your system is perc 3/di....) to see which device failed that you replaced. Then see whether the drive that was pulled was incorrectly pulled now the adventure starts.

Whenever hot-swapable drives exist, there is no need to reboot a system when replacing failed drives. Though Using the GUI interface might be needed on some non-dell models to indicate the drive that is marked as failed is being replaced, I think HP and IBM had those requirements.

Back to your issue how many raid Groups do you have?   not sure whether 3/DI can have multiple raid groups

Does it only have a single RAID 1... (Have not used the perc3's so not sure whether the RAID configuration was stored both on the controller and on the disk)  And whether the option exists to force the erroneously pulled drive online.(force online)

When the system came up with the no boot, what happened?
The issue is that the rebuild may have trigger a copy from the wrong remaining drive onto......

(Do you have backups?)
Do you have a system available that can perform the same tasks?


RAID 5. Single raid group.
This was our DC. We have a secondary DC and a secondary DNS but they don't seem to want to take over. Nothing is working.
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On the DC, Look at sites and Services, make sure NTDS properties for the existing server has a check in the GC Your issue might be that the local workstations only pointed to the one DC for dns that is no longer avaialble was the other DC also handle DHCP? Adding DHCP to the existing with appropriate exclusions.

back to this system issue, when you boot into the RAId Controller, look at the log to determine the order in which the drives were seen as failed when the raid fails, then reverse the process forcing the most recently failed drive first.  
This is often the risk with RAID 5, one drive is tolerable, but during the rebuild a second drive failure could lead to an issue.

I.e. you have drives 0,1,2 making the RAID 5.
drive 2 failed and was replaced, then "drive 1" was kicked or the other admin pulled the wrong drive (was the system still running when the drive was pulled, or the drive was pulled during  restart)?

Status of the RAID 5 at this point is showing as failed. not degraded, correct, when you force online the drive that was pulled, the raid5 should go into degraded mode.

Backup is needed for fileshare data, and restore (i think you would need to do a non-authoritative DC restore) This is a windows NT or 2000 System/server?


Controller and internal battery failed. Had to add new server.