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Change default slide size setting in MS PowerPoint 2013

pcwizz1 asked
How do I change the default slide size in MS PowerPoint 2013.   Right now it is set at 13.333 by 7.5. I would like it to be 11 by 8.5. The wide aspect is fine. I just want the blank default slide to be 11 by 8.5. I am tired of having to change it all the time.

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You don't need an add-in.

You'll need to resize the template you want to use and then save it as your default template. Here are instructions for how to save as a default template for PowerPoint 2013: http://echosvoice.com/how-to-set-a-default-template-in-powerpoint-2013/


EXCELLENT!!! Worked great. Thx
Glad to hear it.