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GPS coordinates in SQL to google map

I have GPS longitudes and latitudes saved in SQL server, it has format of dddd.dddd and Hemisphere value.
How do I convert this in SQL on fly so that Google map accepts it.
For example, one has;
LastGPS_Latitude      LastGPS_LatHemisphere      LastGPS_Longitude
4045.2576      N      7352.8029

This coordinate is supposed to show somewhere in New York city or close.
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I tried inputting degrees and decimal minutes (DMM) into Google Maps.

I used a negative number for your longitude to get the location in New York City. If you don't have a field for it, maybe it's assumed.

The string I entered in Google Maps was 40 45.2576, -73 52.8029
you missed  coordinates part  LastGPS_LonHemisphere      W
just use this format ( substring to ad space after 1st 2 digits <=> degrees .. let us know if need help,,
like this:

40 45.2576  N  73 52.8029 W

and use with google map to find location on  87Str 34 Ave Queens, NY


Can I assume N=+, W=-?


Thanks all.