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fleet GPS tracking in Google Map

I'm looking for a way to track our fleet in Google map.
Our fleet drivers all have ipad. We get their coordinates through a small customized ipad program installed on it, then coordinates are sent and saved to our central location's SQL database aslongitude and latititude coordinates. There are about 100 vehicles.

How to show them all in one google map? I briefly searched in Google, it seems like they charge monthly to track  a fleet. Is this the only solution?

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If I understand the question correctly, you have around 100 GPS co-ordinates that you would like on the same map.

As discussed in the article "Showing multiple longitude and latitude on one map", you can do this without having to pay anything (scroll down to halfway through the article for the details).

I imagine what you would be paying for is enabling this to be shown automatically. However, if you can copy and paste the results of a query into a web browser, you can get it without charge.


That's useful.
But I was looking for a small app I can install which also allows me to modify through sql script.
I think maybe it's better to develop my own using google map api.