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What certiifications are required to become a SQL Database Administrator

gloyola1 asked
I want to become a SQL Database Administrator including Business Intelligence.  What certifications would I need to accomplish this?  Please include links where I can review this information.  Thanks
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Database Consultant
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Here is the link that shows  this information
to become a SQL Database Administrator including Business Intelligence
you do not need certification that is optional
benefit concluding your learning path, if you choose.
Vitor MontalvãoIT Engineer
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You don't need any certifications. Certifications are good for CV but knowledge and experience is what really matters.
Jim HornSQL Server Data Dude
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Eugene and Vitor are correct in that a certification is not a requirement for a DBA job.

But it might help you land one, or avoid a layoff compared to your peers that don't have one, and will help you land consulting roles where every set of initials is important as it's the basis of selling your services to clients.

Shy of a certifications there are lots of other ways to stand out as a DBA, such as making yourself indispensable at your current job, writing articles (which you can do here at EE), or presenting at various SQL Saturday events or local user groups.