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Addresses in To... field disappear when pressing send

namits asked

I have a piece of software that creates a new email message in Outlook from a template.

There are now two users (out of 25) in my company that when they press send on the email message the address in the To... field disappears. If you hover over the white space in the To... field the pop up will still appear showing the correct address but the address is now invisible. You can click on it and highlight, double click to open address details, so it is still definitely there.

When pressing send nothing happens. If you recreate the email from the external piece of software after repeated attempts you will be able to send the email.
I have recreated user login profiles and recreated Outlook profiles. Removed Office, upgraded from Office 2010 to Office 2013 and also tried fresh installs of office 2010 and office 2013. The users are running Windows 7 64 bit fully updated with ESET antivirus software installed. EMail is hosted on Office 365.

Speaking to the support team for the external software they aren't doing anything special other than creating a mail from a template. They have several thousand other people using their system and have had no other users come across this issue.

Has anyone ever come across an issue like this before? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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Try deleting the entry from Outlook name cache as described here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287623
And remove it from Contacts if it's added there
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Hi Vasil

Sorry for the slow reply.

I have recreated the autocomplete file in Outlook and the issue has not occurred again.

Thanks for your help.