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Eigrp - How to modify Admin distance for redistributing connected links and over WAN

We have a single EIGRP domain 101 across 2 locations (A and B) separated by a WAN link. Each location has a number of L3 switches at the IDF behind the router which has  the L3 vlans VL1, VL2 etc. We run eigrp 101 across all the switches and on the routers but we dont advertise any of the L3 vlans on them and we do redistribute static and connected for the static and the vlans to be distributed on eigrp.


1. How do i reduce the admin distance of the directly connected vlan on IDF on our core switch. ie. Vl1 and Vl2 that are distributed via connected has a admin distance of 170 locally as the other switches sees that as External without having to advertise the networks individually on each switch.  

2. Is that possible to increase the admin distance over the WAN link without having to create a 2nd eigrp domain. ie.. Add a admin distance of say 50 over the WAN link  and that way devices on both sides do see that there is a 130 distance for the remote side and 90 for local for admin distance.

I am trying to separate two locations and i don't think we will be able to create an additional domain and i am trying to see alternate methods of achieving this.  

Please provide any follow up questions ! Thanks Much!
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I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. It sounds like you are trying to reduce the admin distance of a particular route, but I'm not sure to whom that route is advertised: Across the WAN or within the site's network?

You can use the "distance EIGRP" command to modify the internal and external distance on the router. I'm not sure if that's what you're after, as it's local to the router. For example,

router eigrp 101
 distance eigrp 40 220

Will set internal eigrp to 40 on that router and external to 220.

Any time you redistribute into EIGRP, those routes will show up as external because they didn't originate in EIGRP. What I am wondering is, why do you not want to just put all of your networks into EIGRP and let the routers figure it out? Then they will all be internal.


The design as i mentioned has 2 locations with a WAN connection and i have mixed (90/170) distance based on where the routes are coming(eigrp/connected/static) from eventhough  everything is within the same network.  We only have 1 Eigrp network 101 and was looking to alter the AD for just connected if at all possible.

Assuming i put in all the routes into the network how can i make site 2 see the site 1 network with a larger admin distance and 1 to 2 with a larger admin distance while not altering the admin distance within the local site.

Underlying reason: We are getting a MPLS link(lower bandwidth) connecting to site 3,4 and 5 at both sites and wanted to clear the internal routing first before i can add them or redistribute them into bgp.
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But why do you want to adjust the admin distance at all? By getting rid of "redistribute connected" and actually adding those networks into eigrp, they will be internal. Why not just let the network find the best path? What is your concern about what will go wrong? Are you trying to avoid having sites 3-5 becoming transits for traffic between sites 1 and 2? This can be avoided in other ways.