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Outlook 2013 Automatically Moving New Emails to Deleted Items Folder?

I have a user that is experiencing a weird problem.  Many emails from people (not all emails that come into the Inbox) are being automatically moved into the Deleted Items folder.  This seems to go back for a few days.  When the user tries to move the mail items from the Deleted Items folder back into the Inbox, they are once again automatically moved into the Deleted Items folder.  However, if the messages are moved into a sub-folder on the Inbox the messages will stay in that sub-folder.

Our office uses an on-premises Exchange 2013 server.  The user is using Outlook 2013 as the mail client.  There are no rules being applied in Outlook.  The conversations are not marked as "ignore."  

This is the only user who has this problem.  No other users are experiencing an issue like this.  Does anyone know why this would be happening, or have some steps to take to find out what is happening?
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Check the Junk E-mail options.  I think this would be the behaviour if the senders are in that user's Blocked Senders, and the option "Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it to the Jun E-mail folder" were checked.  You'll find both of these by pulling down "Junk" on the Delete section of the Home Ribbon as configured by default.

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We had a problem a long time ago with emails going into the Junk folder so we turned off all Junk mail settings (the No Automatic Filtering Option).  The "Permanently delete suspected junk mail" checkbox was unchecked.  User does have a safe senders list but some of the emails that have been moved into the Deleted Items folder came from within the domain and not just from outside.
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If there are no rules in Outlook, I have seen this issue with corrupt Outlook profiles where there are phatom rules that are present which may have been there before. Try re-creating a new Outlook profile for this user and test again.

If this does not work you can also try creating a new Windows Profile. Because this is only affecting one user it is probably Outlook related.

ran the following command in the shell:

get-mailboxcalendarsettings "domain/ou/user" | fl 

set-mailboxcalendarsettings "doman/ou/user" 
-automateprocessing: Autoupdate 

Open in new window

This will most likely resolve your problem
Murali ReddyExchange Expert

Did you check the retention policies being applied on this user mailbox. See if there are any custom retention tags he applied for this behavior.
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@Akashay K, do I run this in the Exchange Management Shell?  I get an ObjectNotFound error that the term "get-mailboxcalendarsettings" is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet.

@Murali, how do I check for custom retention tags?  None were set up that I know of.

@Will, I have reprofiled the user and am waiting to hear if that helped at all.
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Full reprofile on the computer was what did the trick.