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Linux web instance not reachable, but once httpd service restarted....worked fine

Yashy asked
hi guys,

We have an Amazon EC2 Linux web server which has been running fine for many months now without issues. Then on the weekend, we were unable to reach the website by trying to go to  www.domain.com.  By the way, we tried accessing the website by both IP and name and neither were accessible. The only way we were able to do so, was by restarting the httpd service. This happened on at least 4 or 5 different occasions. Once we restarted the service, the website was accessible.

Are there any logs that I can check? Anything in particular that you might think it could be?

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Top Expert 2013
Amazon EC2 support FAQ.  kindly note that the second question is exactly your situation:

All servers occasionally need to be re-booted.

Top Expert 2015
You must enable httpd to auto-start with system as amazon restarts them every couple of months
good idea is receiving their notice to run up with security patching and restart yourself.
Look for the apache error logs, in /etc/httpd/logs