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We recently set up a SharePoint server. We set up a workflow that alerts a user the he/she has been assigned the task. The problem is when the assigned user gets an email, the hyperlink to the item is the wrong URL. The system was originally set up with the URL http://share2. However, we have configured the site to be accessible as; http://share2 is now invalid. (By the way, the hyperlinks in this question are not real; I made up these addresses just for examples).

Is there a setting somewhere in SharePoint used to define theURL embedded in workflow notifications.

See the example below. If I click on "Open this task" hyperlink, you can see http://share2 is used for the hyperlink. It needs to be

Task assigned by John Doe on 2/27/2015.

To complete this task:
1.      Review 2014 Survey Report.docx.
2.      Perform the specific activities required for this task.
3.      Open this task to mark the task as completed.

Thank You.
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Mohit NairSenior AssociateCommented:
I would request you to please try this manual workaround
1.Open the task list
2.Go to List settings
3.Go to Advance Settings
4.In the E-mail Notification section  change "Send e-mail when ownership is assigned?" to NO
5.Select OK
6.Go back in to Advance settings
7.Change E-mail notification back to Yes
8.Select OK and Test again.

If this doesn't help then you may try changing the url in default zone to your portal url.
Rainer JeschorCommented:
this should definitely be an "issue" with the default url in the web applications zone urls. As the workflow engine does not have any clue about which AAM url to chose, the systems selects the default url.
mdawley4Author Commented:
We have 3 AAM's:

1) Internal URL=http://share2:54321, Zone=Default, Public URL for Zone=http://share2:54321 (Central Admin)
2) Internal URL=http://share2, Zone=Default, Public URL for Zone=http://share2
3) Internal URL=, Zone=Internet; Pubic URL for Zone=

Would changing 3) to Default, and and 2) to something else cause the workflow to begin using in the notifications?
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
question: you have listed the AAMs for two different web applications
- Central Admin
- Your portal
if you do not need the url http://share2 for your portal I would recommend to
1. Delete the 3rd entry url =
2. Adjust the second entry to have both internal and external url set to ""
3. If you run multiple IIS sites on port 443, then please verify that the SharePoint web app in IIS has proper bindings.


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mdawley4Author Commented:
That is correct.

Regarding #2, "Adjust the second entry to have both internal and external url set to "", does this mean we'll have these entries when completed?

1) Internal URL=http://share2:54321, Zone=Default, Public URL for Zone=http://share2:54321 (Central Admin)
2) Internal URL=, Zone=Internet; Pubic URL for Zone=

Should the Zone for 2) then be set to Default?

Can AAM's be added and deleted at any time, or do we need to do this when all users are off the system? We want to do this without interrupting access to SharePoint.

Thank You.
Rainer JeschorCommented:
yes, if you have changed entry no 2 in your list it should be the default.

There might be some hickups during updating the AAM - but just for the requests which get currently served. Depending on your user count, perhaps an change would be preferred.

mdawley4Author Commented:
Very good! I will make the adjustment after hours and let you know how it goes.

Thank You.
mdawley4Author Commented:
Thank You Rainer. Your solution worked.
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