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How can I Show Multiple O365 Email accounts in one Tab

Joseph Salazar
My Client has multiple O365 Accounts and wishes to view them sort of the way Google

allows you to click on your profile Icon and select a different profile so you can view the email there.

For example I am logged in as cjoego@happy.com and wish to view cjoego@saddness.com it is an easy click.


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I don't think you will find the same "simple click" solution to your question.  Here is the best I can come up with:

If you are talking about Outlook Web Access, and your two domains are hosted in the same tenant, and the user has access to both mailboxes, then the user can click on  their user icon (top right corner) and select "open another mailbox."
If they are not on the same tenant, then the only way I know of is to open one account in IE and the other account in another browser, like Chrome.

If your user is using the Outlook Client (2010 or 2013) then you can add two Exchange Accounts to the profile, and they can view the two mailboxes on the left column of the Outlook window.