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Animated Gif Templates?


I was wondering if there is some sort of high resolution/professional animated gif template / texture for both:

1. A waving flag - so I can superimpose an image of a countries flag and have an image of it slightly waving in the breeze

2. Animated ocean - so I can show a zoomed out map of a country and show that the water is moving around it.

I don't require much movement at all in either - but just enough to make it look interesting.

Does anyone know a resource where I could get either?
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If you Google animated gif templates you will get around 1.4 million hits.  There is little point in Experts doing the search and guesing which links to post; when you can easily do the search and select those that meet the detailed requirement that you already know.

An animated GIF is a series of images where each one is slightly modified with respect to the previous one.

You can't just add a flag to a template and expect to get the correct result. You have to modify each image individually.

As for the animated water, you should be able to find something using Google image search.

Be aware that to combine two GIF images, you MAY be able to superpose them. But I think that you may have to combine each individual image of both GIF files.

Here is a link to a detailed article: The Complete Guide to Making Animated GIFs.
Animated GIFs are something of an internet art form, shared by all. Yet, they are created by a comparatively small slice of the internet. There's no reason you can't join in the fun, though. From beginners to advanced tools, we've got the ultimate guide to making your own silent internet picture films.
Here is a link for free software to create animated GIF images from Gizmo's Freeware: Best Free Animated GIF Maker
A GIF file can contain a single image, but to animate an image it will need at least two or more images/frames combined, which can then be displayed for a few milliseconds successively and called as GIF animation.
Thanks anyway, I was looking for editable templates, rather than the images themselves.
Here are two templates:waterFlag


No answer given to fulfil my question.


Hi Paul. They are not templates. They are animated examples.