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I am new to IIS topic and I need your help please. I need to renew license on a Windows 2003 server but confused with few things;

server is 2003 OS  and Web server  role is installed. So Is there difference between server certificate and Web site certificates or I am totally confusing? I believe it is web site certificate I need to install as all the sites under Web site option in IIS manager says sites license has expired,
so question is how can I install cert to my server step by step please? ( please note that license has already purchased and installed on a network location to move it to server in question and install)
other question  is if server is clustered ( I believe it should be but I think it is not as this is testing server) how can I ensure that sites are licensed across but cluster node?  thanks in advance.
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U are very much on track
Only thing, in order to get installed certificate at step 8, you need to import cert 1st on web server
Check "Importing from a .pfx File" topic in below thread to get certificate installed on web server 1st

Once you import it, you can proceed with 8 step
U need to import it from MMC console
Web Site License and Server Certificate are TWO different things

Server certificate = web site certificate = SSL Certificate
U can open certificate properties by double clicking it, and on Details tab click "Enhanced Key Usage" ensure that it is showing as "Server Authentication ("

If certificate is expired, you will get error that web server certificate is expired
U can view certificate expiration on General tab

I believe your issue is related to web site licensing certificate and not with SSL certificate used to access web site
U can contact web site vendor for details
kuzumAuthor Commented:
Thanks mahesh, i should have mentioned this in my post sorry. Im talking about the sites that we are hosting in our domain so not worried about external sites.

Can you please some more information about server and web site locense? Still not very clear. I would imagine we need ssl certificiate  but then would't we need more than license for all the sites.?  or is it the server license we need to install which then used for all the sites in IIS?

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kuzumAuthor Commented:
Simply we need a server license for our iis server for the sites that we are running on our iis server?
Server license is different than certificates

I am not aware with web site licenses of any type, infact I never created \ generated web site licenses

If all of your web sites required SSL cert, that you can generate from internal CA server

If you are talking about server OS license, you can get it from Microsoft, if your server is unlicensed you can install one server license from MS and you will be just fine.

Any ways server license is not related to IIS by any means
kuzumAuthor Commented:
Defintely not the OS license. I think this license is purchased from external company that provides license.  To make it simple, what license does IIS server need?
kuzumAuthor Commented:
Any more suggestions please?
IIS don't need any license to run

Its built-in windows server role

you can run multiple IIS web sites on single server

U have to have windows server OS license to avoid outage after trial period
kuzumAuthor Commented:
Ok. So what  certificates that needs to be installed on iis then? Thanks
kuzumAuthor Commented:
to be more clear, I have a certificate with .pfx extension. Does this help you to give you more information about what I need to install on my IIS server?
As I told already you need SSL certificate
It seems that you already has exported it into .pfx format and it must be having some password you must be known with.

If you have PFX file, you can import it on 2003 IIS server

Check below link for  more details
Check Assigning the SSL certificate topic in below link
kuzumAuthor Commented:
ok thanks, I think we are getting there in the end, much appreciated. Do I have to import the certificate to my server? Or can I not just install it using the existing .pfx file by following below instructions;
1.Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
2.In the left pane, click your server.
3.In the right pane, double-click Web Sites.
4.In the right pane, right-click the Web site you want to assign the certificate to, and then click Properties.
5.Click Directory Security, and then click Server Certificate.
6.On the Welcome to the Web Certificate Wizard page, click Next.
7.On the Server Certificate page, click Assign an existing certificate, and then click Next.
8.On the Available Certificates page, click the installed certificate you want to assign to this Web site, and then click Next.
9.On the SSL Port page, configure the SSL port number. The default port of 443 is appropriate for most situations.
10.Click Next.
11.On the Certificate Summary page, review the information about the certificate, and then click Next.
12.On the Completing the Web Server Certificate Wizard page, click Finish, and then click OK.
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