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Sending an email to a list of email addresses in Mac OS X Mail

geeta_m9 asked
I am trying to send a email to a list of email addresses separated by a comma in the bcc section of the mail. When I hit the "Send" button, I get an error stating that one of the email addresses is incorrect. The email address in question is the fifteenth entry in the list. In all, there are 300 entries. I am not sure what button I pressed when I got the error message, but now the email is still sitting in the outbox. I am not sure if it sent any of the  emails out at all or only sent emails  to the first fourteen entries and then stopped when it encountered the faulty email address or whether it sent them to everyone except the one email in question.  I would like to delete that particular email address and try sending them out again, but I do not want to send out the same email more than once to the same person.

Can someone advise me on how I should proceed?

Thank you.
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Senior Systems Support Analyst
If the email is still sitting in the Outbox, and has not moved to the Sent Box, that indicates it was not sent.  You should be able to edit the offending email address and press send again.


Thanks, I will try it.


It seems to have worked - thank you.