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Changing the default path of a Hyperlink

Justincut asked
Hi, every time  I insert a Hyperlink in Excel, its defaults back to a folder called 2014 and not to the one called 2015 so I have to switch folders repeatedly. How does one change the default path on a Hyperlink?
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IT Manager
Is it using the location here:
File.. Options.. Save.. Default File Location
If so, change it...

Or, copy the path from somewhere else, and just paste it into the Hyperlink box (shortcut: CTRL+K)
Rob HensonFinance Analyst

I have a couple of files open, both from different folders.

When I go to Insert a hyperlink in either of them, the "Look In" option where you specify the folder shows the folder in which the file into which you are inserting the hyperlink is saved.

Rob H