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How do I build the Boost libraries for Win32 C++ in release (with debugging symbols) mode?

jxbma asked

I'm building a win32 C++ unmanaged app that using the Boost libraries.
I've encountered a crash in my application in release mode.

In order to track this down, I'm trying to build my application in "RelWithDebug" (Release with debug symbols).
I'm running into some weird behavior with the underlying boost libraries. I would like to build a release version
of this libraries that contains debug symbols.

So far I've really only seen the release & debug version of the boost libraries.

Can someone get me pointed in the right direction?

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I'm running into some weird behavior with the underlying boost libraries.
can you give some more information?

note, boost libraries for c++ mostly are template source code libraries. source code can be used for both release and debug and you would include it in your source code. such templates are instantiated in your program by the compiler when you use the template with a concrete type. the result of the instantiation normally doesn't contain symbols the debugger would find in an object code library (*.lib) that came with boost but is entirely embedded in your code. exceptions from this is non-template code which either came with boost setup as  *.lib or *.dll files or with both. in the latter case the lib contains wrapper functions to call into the dll.  .lib files that came with boost are either debug or release libraries and never release libraries with debug symbols (at least I never have seen such libraries from third-party). you would need to link against the (normal) release libraries and it is unlikely that the missing debug information of those libraries is relevant for your purposes.