Granting Workgroup users access to Fax & Scan


James is running Windows 7 with a fax modem connected.  He uses Windows Fax & Scan to send and recieve faxes.

Lars is also on the same LAN running Windows 8.  Lars would like to be able to view received faxes on James' PC.  He is currently able to access the shared folder where the fax TIFF files are created.  However, it is desirable for him to be able to see in a viewer (or Windows Scan & Fax also) so that he can see the fax details.  Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> He is currently able to access the shared folder where the fax TIFF files are created.

Then try IrfanView:

It is excellent (free!) imaging software that I've been using for many years and can open TIFF files in a network share. The download page provides many links, but I recommend the TUCOWS link to download IrfanView:

This will download a single install file called iview438_setup.exe with no adware and no junk!

And the TUCOWS link for the PlugIns, which are required for PDF support:

This will download a single install file called irfanview_plugins_438_setup.exe with no adware and no junk!

Install IrfanView first, then install the PlugIns.

Although I recommend adding the PlugIns to get PDF support, that's for general, future usage. For this situation, you don't need it, as core IrfanView will handle your TIFF files directly. Regards, Joe

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realtimerAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Can the fax server be shared on the network?
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
What fax server? If you want to set up a real fax server, you'll have to do something along these lines:

An alternative is to leverage James' computer and its existing fax modem. Let James' computer receive both his own and Lars' faxes, and store them in a shared folder, which, if I'm understanding your original post correctly, is already happening. Then install IrfanView on Lars' PC, as I described in my first post, and he'll be able to view the faxes in the shared folder. Regards, Joe
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
You've received good responses from Joe Winograd.
Maybe this will help you capture the essence of the situation.

James' computer has a fax capability (i.e. hardware and drivers) and a fax program that will manage sending documents via fax and receive documents via fax.  This is much like a printer that will effect printing documents on the one hand and a scanner that will effect capturing document image files.  So, one starts with files for sending and ends with files after receiving.  And, there are programs (like Word) which will cause the printer to operate on a document file and there are scanning programs that will cause a scanner to create a file.  The fax programs are like a combination of the two and that's about all they are - with a little document management and address book added.

Once the files are created then it's only a matter of accessing them and dealing with them using some app.  So, IrfanView or .......

I should think that Lars could use the Windows 8.1 Fax and Scan program and, under Fax Settings / Advanced, move the Folder to point to James' shared folder.  Then he should be able to see the sent and received faxes.  The only thing he won't be able to do is directly fax or scan without the hardware.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I tried it myself and so far haven't been able to get access from the Windows 8.1 machine Fax & Scan program to the Windows 7 folder: \Users\user\Documents\Scanned Documents\Fax_In folder - even though I've set all the shares and permissions and security appropriately (I think).
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
That's very interesting! I don't use Windows Fax and Scan, but I guess that's why Real-Timer posted the question — otherwise, Lars would be able to view the received faxes on James' computer with Windows Fax and Scan, but I guess he can't ("Lars would like to be able to view received faxes on James' PC"). I don't know why Windows Fax and Scan can't open a TIFF on a shared folder that Lars has access to ("He is currently able to access the shared folder where the fax TIFF files are created"), but I'm confident that IrfanView can — I'll be stunned if it can't! Regards, Joe
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I guess there's something "special" about the Fax and Scan program because the same folder can be accessed with IrfanView without any trouble - from a Windows 8.1 computer into the Windows 7 computer.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I had no doubts — but thanks for confirming! Regards, Joe
realtimerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.  Actually Windows' built in viewer is doing the job just fine, so I'll just stick to that.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome. I'm curious which W7 built-in viewer is working for you. When I do a right-click/Open on a TIF file, W7 presents Movie Maker, Paint, Photo Gallery, and Windows Photo Viewer (tried them — they all work). And if you have Media Center or (some versions of) Office, there are other built-in choices — Windows Media Center (didn't try it), MS Office Document Imaging (tried it - works), MS Office Picture Manager (tried it - works). Regards, Joe
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