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How do I route some of my network to another gateway using Policy Based Routing on an HP 3800 (J9585A)?

I am preparing to implement Policy Based Routing to route some of my network segments out a different firewall gateway than the default gateway.  I've studied the manual and examples but have ended up confused on what needs to be in the Class.  I have attached a draft Traffic Class and PBR  Policy configuration and would appreciate someone with experience taking a look to make sure this is correct.
I am not certain that I need the second reference (i.e., 192.168.xx.0 for each segment that I need to route.   Would gladly remove those line items if advised to do so.  If they are necessary, please provide an explanation as to their function and why they are needed.
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You shouldn't need all the lines in the ACL...

20 match ip

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 The PBR will only be dealing with outbound routing (assuming all those subnets are the VLANs you have on the switch) so any return or incoming traffic will just go where it's supposed to anyway.