merge stmt in oracle

I'm trying to write a merge stmt for oracle.  i'm trying to merge tableA t when not matched then insert when matched then update.  what would be the syntax for oracle?  thank you.
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   USING (SELECT employee_id, salary, department_id 
          FROM employees
          WHERE department_id = 80) S
          ON (A.employee_id = S.employee_id)

   WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET A.bonus = A.bonus + S.salary*.01

   WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (A.employee_id, A.bonus)
     VALUES (S.employee_id, S.salary*0.1)
     WHERE (S.salary <= 8000)

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This is a slightly reworked variant from a MERGE documentation page. You don't provide much detail in the question so this example realtes to "employees" information
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