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Problem with Thunderbird email

jana asked
In our Mozilla email application, Thunderbird email v31.4, we created another account for the same email (one email is imap, the other is pop).  All was well these days until now.  When needing to change setting we get message "an account with this name already exists".  After googling we found that the problem was that we created another account with the same email address.

The strange thing was when creating the email Thunderbird never alerted us we were duplicating data.

How can we enter the settings of the account? Or delete one of the account?

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I ran into a somewhat similar situation when I wanted to move one of my email accounts from one TB account to another (sharing the TB account with another email account). I didn't want to delete the old account, because I wanted to keep the old messages there for reference.

I was able to break the deadlock by changing the email address for the TB account that I didn't want active any longer. Then TB no longer saw a conflict between accounts.

Was this set up unintentionally, or do you actually want to have both pop and imap access to a single email account? I frankly think you're asking for trouble to use both methods simultaneously.


Thanx, will try.


Hey thanx!! Worked like a charm!!