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Windows server 2012 license upgrade

pchettri asked
I could not upgrade license on Server 2012 with DC, DNS, file, print and fax services.
I added Hyper V and created 2012 eval virtual machine on same server and transfer all roles and remove ADDS out of main host and rejoin it to domain.
I had some issues unjoining and joining it back to domain as I used second NIC for virtual switch and IP on both NIC was active, once from physical NIC and one from virtual NIC that was used in guest HV which is DC now.
It finally worked though users had issue getting file and printers, therefore, I had to map all of them manually. I tried easier fix first by adding second A record on DNS for host server using IP of second NIC but that really did not help to map with name, therefore, I used second NIC ip address to map them all back manually.
It could have been better if I had teamed NIC or used the same NIC, but I did not wanted to take a risk on teaming on a DC that was already running with one IP and ended up using second card for HV switch.

Once I apply the license I will put all role back to main server and decommission VM. Is there any advise on NIC situation to avoid same issues when old DC gets decommissioned?
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Distinguished Expert 2018
Go to the Hyper-V virtual switch properties which connect to DC and remove "allow management network to share this network adapter"

This will ensure that Host server will remain with single IP and you can use host server NetBIOS for mapping network drives
Also correct the physical host server Host(A) records in VM DC

Now no need to create another virtual switch for 2nd NIC, if you have created it, remove it and try to connect to physical server from 2nd NIC IP directly, it will work

use DC IP as preferred DNS on Hyper-V host and keep DC VM automatic start action to "always start this virtual machine automatically"