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IP Classes and Subnet Mask

Wondering if it is possible to add an existing Ethernet time clock (IP address via VPN tunnel to the other network that is 192.168.1.XX.  Subnet masks are the same:
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Yes, your VPN sever needs to push the DHCP option for time server as long as the network on which the time server is on.
You're not including the type of VPN/VPN client in use.

With that said, pushing the time server might not be accepted.

What VPN tunnel configuration I.e. Are you securing all network when VPN is established or is it securing a set of IPA segments?

Yes it is possible. It doesn't matter if subnet masks are same or different. All you need to do is to allow NTP traffic through VPN tunnel and be sure that routing is set OK.

If it is too complicated to push it through VPN, you can use some of public ntp servers:

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Fidelius, what do you mean it is too difficulty?
Depending on the environment. The time server is a dhcp option.
Depending on the VPN/vpn client, the routing rules can also be pushed as part of the VPN a rules or as dhcp options, routing table.

The issue is more whether the VPN initiation will allow the addition/inclusion of the time server when received.

Further, if an issue the person is trying to address is For some users the VPN does not get established because of the time difference between the remote client and the VPN server. Trying to push the time server will not solve that issue given the VPN will never be established while the time difference exists.


Sorry for the lack of details:

Two established Juno FW (VPN)
Lathem TimeClock is at remote location and must be connected to corp. office computer running time clock manger software.

Corp. office is       192.168.XX.XX
Remote office is   10.22.1.XX
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Is this a site to site vpn?

Look at the VPN configuration.

You can during the setup, pass routing rules to include the IPS.