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Save document to url

tonelm54 asked
Ive been asked to create a content website, but have the ability to download and upload files (sounds easy ehh?)
Now comes the complicated part, they need to save documents back into the system using word and excel, there needs to be revision control so ftp is out. Its a remote server so samba is out, and as its a shared server so webdav is out as i cant play with the settings.

I played around with word saving to a url, and it seems to make the call, but not send any data to it (was trying to read the raw stream by using php://input).

I have looked at creating an application to install on a users pc and get it to download a url by the website downloading a link file and associating the link file to the application, and a watch onto the file that once closed (user has finished with it) upload it back. I even tried to the point of using silverlight, but ran into security issues of executing (downloading and opening files).

Ideally I want to be able to open the document in the browser and have the user save it (which automatically saves back to the url). I have seen some webdav servers do this, but they seem massivly over complex to what i see as a simple get and post back operation (so obviously missing something here)

Has anyone else got any suggestions or ideas or previous experience in this?
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That is what Sharepoint exists for.  But doing it on a public web site sounds like trouble to me.
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Use GitHub or BitBucket.  This is exactly why they exist!