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need process to patch debian offline without internet

hi all please help to give process for patching of debian without internet as we dont have internet in network

please help in process
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you would use a CD/DVD with the updates and use it as the source for update.
Look at aptitude configuration for sources one of which can be a CD/DVD.

Are you looking to upgrade the setup or update certain packages or a combination of the two?
Presumably you have an identical reference system with access to the internet on which you tested your applications to make sure they will continue to work following the update/upgrade.


Actually we are planning to deploy some Debian servers where internet not available so that's why thinking about how we manage regular patches for the same as on Redhat we have proxy server available.
As long as you have a machine with internet access and the rest of the machines can connect to it, install a cache proxy and you're set: https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/apt-cacher-ng.

And, as arnold said, never update a system before testing if the updates break something.

There's  an offline package manager for debian called apt-offline.
I personally use apt-mirror. Here is the how-to I used to set mine up.  Feel free to change or skip a step if you don't think you'll need it, ie I skipped the crontab section since I want to tell my system when to run.


Thank you so much all for suggestion i need sometime to test your suggestion then will comeback to you with feedback :)


Thank you all i am customizing both as per my need :)