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Server 2012 Drive Partition resize

Hi there, I have a 2012 Server Standard 500GB HDD Mirrored, 40GB was allocated by Dell for C: and the rest for D: as a logical partition. I need to increase C: with some of the space off the D:

What's the best way to achieve this please?
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You should be able to go into Disk Management and shrink the D drive and then extend the C drive into the unallocated space.


Even if the one drive is logical?
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yes, you can shrink D but the free space will be at the end; doesn't do you any good since you can't extend C because it is then non-contiguous space

you would need to backup whatever is on D, delete the volume, then you can extend C; create D again and restore your data

other option is to use 3rd party tool to shrink then move D to a position at the end of the drive for C to be extended with contiguous space
Fair point.

You could use easeus server partition software

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If this I a new server, just reinstall. It'll be faster and cleaner than trying to manipulate partitions.


Dell agree with Seth on this one but not a new server so only option i think
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The free solution is as mentioned above - copy out everything from D: - delete D: and then extend C:
After this recreate D: from the left space and copy the data back.
Not free: get a copy of partitioning tool such as Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15, Acronis Disk Director or similar and perform "Reallocate free space" operation. Which will move the space from D: to C: by shrinking the first and allocating it to the second one.
In any case you should take backup of entire system before you start with resize, whatever approach you use. Resizing partitions is a potentially dangerous operation for your data. Thus preservation must be done.
I normally use a tool like gparted (http://gparted.org/), but make sure you have a good backup.