Dear all,

I have a client who has cctv cameras in his branches.

When I login via the PSS software to view the branches, not all the branches are connected.

They have a red cross against the branch.

But the other branches will slowly one by one get connected and I am able to access all the camreas.

But after a five minute interval, the branches grabbed a different IP address and I am again unable to access these branches because they are using an invalid IP address.

Five minutes later, they either grabbed the correct or again use an invalid IP address.

What can I do so that after a five minute interval, the DVRs will always grabbed a valid IP address?
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAsked:
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It does not matter who assigns the IP addresses, as they are all good and valid.
It does not matter how dyndns works, because it does not affect your problem,

Your problem is that something on your network or between your network and the cctv BLOCKS access to these IP addresses.  There is either a firewall or a misconfigured router.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
what kind of invalid IP do you mean? can you please give an example?

what are the valid IPs for the network? or in other words, what's the scope of the given DHCP server's IP pool?
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Invalid IPs               Valid IPs

The DHCP internal IP address is working fine, which means the branches internally can view their own CCTVs internally.

But when it comes to the HQ who wants to view all the CCTVs then there is an issue because of the WAN IP address.
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When you say that there is an issue because of the WAN IP address, do you meant that an address like is non routable somewhere? Or is it blocked by the firewall?

What assigns the IP addresses to the cctv? Is it some dhcp service?
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
it is an IP address but this IP address is invalid, as the host is not accessible.

I am poor at understanding non routable.

The assigning of IP address is done by the dyndns, I am not sure if dyndns is a dhcp service because it connects via a hostname
The question is why it is inaccessible.  For example, I can ping all of the "inaccessible" IP addresses.
As far as I can see, all of the "invalid" IPs are actually good IPs that for some reason are blocked on the network.

There are usually 2 reasons for this:

a. Some address spaces are considered private, like the 10.* address space. Some network administrators decide to treat valid public address spaces as if they were private, making the public addresses non routable from within the WAN.

b. Firewall rules that block traffic to/from the addresses.

Is there a networking person on site that can help you tell why these IP addresses are inaccessible?
And DynDNS does not assign IP addresses to the cctv.  Someone else does, probably the ISP.
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
I really am not too sure about the IP address assigning.

I also have no clue how does dyndns work.

Now for more than a week, the host IP's are not updated at all.
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi! shalomc,

We now have valid IP and we are able to connect to the host but when we view the Host Update Logs Viewer, we get the message "No Events Registered in last 5 days."

The Updater Client Key is also suddenly generated when no touched it.
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Issue was resolved by the DynDNS support team.
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