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file transfer from Server 2012 std slow

Running Server 2012 STD with AD and set up as file server. Network is gigabit and managed switches. When we transfer files from the server to the workstations, max speed is around 11.5MB/s (95mbps).  If I run Passmark performance test between server and workstation the transfer speed is around 106MB/s (853mbps). This obviously means that there is nothing wrong with the network as such. Any idea what it could be? - wondered if there isn't a limit on transfer speed set in file server, however cannot find anything.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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You may need to try disabling SMB signing. I have seen this help with Windows 2012 Essentials but not tried it for standard.

There is a good post that shows the registry changes. You do not say if the server is VM or not, as that may mean other issues are at play.

The article does have another suggestion further down but i have not tried this:

First i would update all nic drivers. I noticed a issue with drivers with a wrong MTU value. The test with passmark, do you run it on the same server with issues?


Yes I ran it in the same server - re nic drivers, all updated