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two different domains

Hi Experts,

I have an existing and running VMWARE environment with NETAPP storage.
The storage is connected over 10G with twinax cables.
As SAN switches I use now two CISCO NEXUS 10G models, redundant.

Now I have a special challenge.
I have another network with another domain in my datacenter. They need new hardware and they need to upgrade from WIN 2003 to 2012R2.

Is it possible...

...to reserve a volume on my netapp just for the other network, lets call it NEW network ?
...to have two different networks connected to just one storage ?
...to divide the each traffic from each other on the same storage hardware and the SAN switches ?

Now I use for cabling TWINAX, and I think here is a limit of distance, when I connect over 10G right ?

What are your recommendations ?
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Yes easy create a new VIF and IP address on the NetApp controllers if you also want to grant CIFS access create trusts between domains.
Eprs_AdminSystem Architect


ok I see.
Can you help me with the commands on the netapp ?
Eprs_AdminSystem Architect


Please can you help me a little bit, step by step and also with netapp commands ?